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SkyBlue professional roof painters will go above and beyond for any roof painting projects you have, whether they are for residential or commercial properties.

Our Company only use healthy and safe paints such as Wattyl, Dulux, and Resene that have been proven to withstand the test of time will not only enhance the look of your home or business, but will also come out looking beautiful no matter what the weather brings.

Let Your Roof Shine Again

After a few years of exposure to the elements, is your roof beginning to look worn out? Do you just want to upgrade your old faded brown tiles or are you just tired of staring at them? SkyBlue Roof painters will let your roof shine again. Regardless of the reason, giving your roof tiles a fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to completely transform your roof without having to do a full-scale renovation.

In spite of the fact that painting your entire roof may seem like a time-consuming (and expensive) undertaking, most homeowners find it to be an extremely worthwhile investment that offers a variety of practical benefits alongside a great deal of visual appeal.

SkyBlue roof painters can help you maintain your roof. Painting, repairing, and washing are all part of our comprehensive roofing services.

Is it necessary to paint your roof?

It’s a good idea to start by explaining why you should paint your roof. Several people believe that their roof is in good conditions only if no raining leakage. Actually, Skyblue roof painters will suggest you that roofs should be inspected periodically, at least once a year. The following causes can explain that why roof painting is important.

Appealing from the curb

Appealing from the curb is one of the reasons for roof painting. You can instantly energize even the most tired and faded roof structures if SkyBlue roof painters apply a fresh coat of paint to the house roof. Maintaining a fresh and new roof is a great way to enhance the overall appearance of your property.

Savings on energy costs

Painting your roof may save you energy costs, especially in the winter. You may be surprised to learn that a painted roof can improve your home’s insulation. The insulating properties of some specialist paints help to keep your home more comfortable at a lower internal temperature. Therefore, you will spend less money on energy bills if Skyblue painters paint your roof.

Long-term sustainability

Long-term sustainability is also a significant benefit in roof painting. It is possible to extend the lifespan of your roof tiles by up to 15 more years if you choose a professional roof painters team like SkyBlue! It’s quite impressive, isn’t it? Painting roof tiles will prevent moisture damage, as well as increase your roof’s sustainability by fighting mould and mildew.

Increase your house value

Many houseowners choose to paint their roof because it can boost the house value. A fresh coat of roof paint can do just that. Furthermore, a freshly painted roof gives buyers the impression that the property has been well maintained and only needs little maintenance after moving in. Thus, many clients find SkyBlue Painters to paint their roofs before they sell the properties, aiming to enhance their house value and sell a higher price.

SkyBlue Roof Painters' Services

Roof Painter Services Auckland

We offer varieties of Roof Painting Services you need to achieve bright, fresh roof in the style of your choice. To be Specific, SkyBlue House Painters is able to provide the following roof painting serivces for you.

roof painting

Concrete Roof Tiles Painting

SkyBlue is able to piant Concrete Roof Tiles. Admittedly, unlike most other roofing products, concrete roof tiles and terracotta clay tiles are extremely durable, require little maintenance, and can be used on steep pitches over 10 degrees. However, it does not mean this type of roof cannot be demaged. As a result, we still suggest you check your roof once a year. If you are unable to check your roof, SkyBlue roof painters can effectively take the job, check and refresh your concrete roof through our experience and premium materials.

iron roofs 2

Metal Roofs Painting

Metal or iron roofs painting is necessary because metal roofs tend to rust quickly in Auckland wet weather. Luckily, SkyBlue professional roof painters will keep your iron roof clean and free of moss, mould, and lichen that cause damage to its painted surface. Trust me, Skyblue painters' moss and mould treatment and painting for your metal roof is valuable and necessary.

timber clad roofs 2

Timber Clad or Shingle Roofs

A Timber Clad or Shingle is a roof product cut from a treated or naturally durable timber. Depending on the conditions, timer shakes and shingles can last between 7 and 10 years, which is shorter than concrete roof tiles. However they will last much shorter in a wet climate area such as Auckland. Therefore, based on our experience, it is better to maintain Timber Clad Roof annually and SkyBlue painters will try to live up to your expectation.

roof repair 2

Roof Repairs

Roof repair is essential for your house. In order to extend the lifespan of your roof, SkyBlue roof painters is able to maintain and repair it. Furthermore, it is possible for iron roofs to rust over time, and concrete tiles and ridges to crack or break over time. Eventually, the roof will leak, causing structural damage that will cost a lot of money to fix. Consequenly, Skyblue roof painters will repair your roofs and avoid the complete damage of your roof.

SkyBlue Roof House Painters

What steps that SkyBlue Roof painters will do to paint you roof?

The first step is to attach a roof harness

Roof harnesses are essential equipment for keeping our roof painters safe and secure when working at height. Before climbing up on the roof, SkyBlue roof painters will make sure the harness is working properly.

Lay out your ladder on a firm and level surface, extending the ladder three feet above the edge of the roof. Attach the harness to the ladder and the other side of the roof along the lip of the gutter once the ladder is securely in place.

The second step is to wash your roof

It is crucial for Skyblue roof painters to wash the roof, aiming to remove all dirt, debris, algae, and moss from your roof tiles before painting. With a pressure washer, this preparation work can be completed quickly and easily.

The use of pressure washers is fantastic for achieving quick and clean results; however, when used incorrectly, they can cause damage to roof tiles. Skyblue roof painters will make sure that the structure of your roof and the tiles are strong enough to withstand the pressure of water without breaking. 

A strong scrub brush and garden hose can also be used to remove build-up that cannot be removed by the washer. Additionally, we will use a store-bought or homemade cleaning solution to get rid of dirt. SkyBlue professional roof painters normally mix chlorine, water, and soap together.

Inspection, check, and repair are the next steps

Having cleaned your roof tiles perfectly, it’s time for Skyblue house painters to do a thorough inspection of your roof. The painting process will not be possible unless any damaged or missing tiles have been repaired. Besides, it is also necessary to fix leaks and weak areas in order to avoid structural problems in the future.

Skyblue painters will check your roof to make sure that is completely dry before painting. To be specific, we will use a moisture meter to check this. It is safe to paint your roof if it shows less than approximately 13% moisture content on the moisture meter.

Masking tape can also be applied over the dried tiles as a final check. When Skyblue roof painters remove the tape, if there is no debris or particles stuck to it, then your roof is ready to be painted.Otherwise we will repair it. In addition, if the roof tiles have left behind particles, they may need to be re-washed and repaired, while powdery substances may require a bonding liquid to seal the surface and ensure the paint will adhere properly. 

Minimising the damage is the following step

Considering the amount of foot traffic that roof painting requires, Skyblue roof painters will minimise roof surface damage as much as possible. By using plywood and carpet boards, our roof painters can evenly distribute your weight.

After cutting a few plywood boards into 2’ x 2’ pieces, adhere old sections of carpet onto the board surface. These can then be positioned (carpet side down) onto the roof and fixed safely into place, ready to walk across.

Remove Rust is an essential step

In order to complete a professional roof painting job, Skyblue roof painters will clean exposed iron, spray it with an appropriate rust remover. Apart from that, in order to prevent painting on parts of the roof you don’t want to paint, cover them with plastic sheets and tape them in place.

The following step is spraying paint primer

SkyBlue roof painters will use a sprayer wand to apply paint primer to your roof. If it needs to be diluted, then we will add more primer to the sprayer. Start at the ridge and work your way down the roof slope, evenly coating the roof tiles.

Skyblue roof painters will hold the sprayer at least 1 foot from the roof tiles for better results. After that, our roof painters will sweep the sprayer from side to side, moving from one side to the other quickly and carefully. We will continue spraying until the whole roof space is coated evenly.

The final step is roof painting

Having prepped and primed your roof tiles, your roof is finally ready for paintingSkyblue roof painters will clean the gun and hose using paint thinner, then re-fill with our chosen premium paint. 

SkyBlue Roof House Painters

Get Started Your Roof Painting Project

Now you might feel intimidated when you start an Roof painting project. The best choice for you is that leave it to SkyBlue House Painters.

Contact 021 866 599 and get an roof painting quote today to have a chat about our interior paintingexterior paintingplasteringwater blasting services, roof painting and touch up and repairing. Alternatively, fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Contacting us is definitely a good start for your Roof Painting Project.We will schedule an on-site meeting at a time that works for you. In addition to preparing a quote package with relevant roof painting information, tips, and references from previous clients, SkyBlue House Painters can provide clients with full references as well. You’ll know exactly what will be used where and when in the quote, since it specifies which areas will be painted and what products will be used.

SkyBlue House Painters team is excellent at time management and will have your job done to schedule with the least disruption, especially significant for roof painting of commercial buildings.